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I'm Amber

A Compassionate Companion 

Through Your Journey

Spiritual and meditative practices have had a profound influence on my life. They have taught me gratitude, acceptance and kindness, as well as a desire to serve my community.  In 2019, I moved to Cambria from the southeastern U.S., with two school-aged kids and a dog. The courage to pack up and set out on a 7-week cross-country camping trip came from beyond my own human ability. The guides and signs along the journey come through in many ways, including through my teachers and my ancestors.

When I was 16 years old, my dad got sick. He had a rare lung...


a place in between

You might be here because of an unexpected terminal diagnosis, a sudden fall or decline in physical ability, a recurrent shortened life sentence, an aging parent, or a curiosity around your own mortality. Whatever it is, you probably find yourself in between what life was like yesterday, and a new uncertainty of the future. 


No coming, no going.

No after, no before.

I hold you close.

I release you to be free.

Because I am in you,

And you are in me.


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