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I find power and sacredness in intentional ritual and somatic heartfelt prayer. Below are a few of the aspirations I have committed to repeating in the mornings, when I find myself in dawn's space of enlightenment. The consistency has formed a pathway in my soul much as the cows form pathways across the hillsides. The depth of the path is carved by the timeless longing of spirit to connect.

Bodhichitta Chant

Mesmerized by the myriad variety of appearance,

Mad with hope and fear,

Beings roam the endless wastes of samsara

So that they may find relief

In the luminosity and boundless space of their own true nature.

I generate immeasurable loving-kindness and compassion,

Sympathetic joy and equanimity

The very heart of bodhichitta.

written by Reggie Ray


May I develop

Complete acceptance and openness

To all situations and emotions and to all beings

May I experience everything nakedly,

Completely without mental reservations or blockages.

May I never withdraw from life

Or centralize onto myself.

May my heart be laid bare and open

To the fire of all that is.

written by Reggie Ray

Adaptation of the Reiki Ideals

Just for today

I am willing to release angry feelings

I am willing to release thoughts of worry

I am willing to be grateful for my many blessings

I am willing to practice expanding consciousness

I am willing to be gentle with all beings, including myself!

adapted from x's adaptation of Usui Mikao's Original Reiki Ideals

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