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Tarot Reading: 5-10 Card Spread

This reading is for broader questions & long term spiritual concerns.

  • 30 minutes
  • 54 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

I am now offering intuitive, reiki-infused tarot card readings. Guided by your curiosity, intentions and introspection, I am open for booking sessions for you. We will coordinate a time to tune into our inner guides who connect us to a deeper knowing. Follow the link for a booking. Please select a time that will allow you to take a quiet meditative rest from the world. I will ask your question and interpret the cards for you at the time you select. When you book the session, please consider a question or intention. Before typing out your intention or your question, allow yourself to get more settled into your seat, breathe mindfully into your belly. Direct your awareness inward and take a few restful, deep breaths, if that is comfortable for you. For the 5-10 card readings, invite a question that is broader in scope or more long range. It is also welcome to simply ask, "what do I need to know right now." Open up to asking questions and receiving the answers from your intuitive mind, allowing the judging mind to rest. These readings are not meant to "tell the future." They are intended for clarifying the present, opening to the future, and reflecting on the past. I look forward to interpreting the the cards' answers for you. Sessions can be done via distance, phone or zoom. - - - - Your readings are offered from the land of the Chumash. I offer my gratitude to the yak titʸu titʸu yak tiłhini people: past, present and future, for allowing me to live and work in this sacred space of wonder. I offer gratitude to many lineages and guides for enabling me to find my path and trust in its unfolding. - - - - BIPOC querents receive $19 discount. Please email me for a discount code. Venmo payments and donations accepted. Please reach out for more info.

Contact Details

(805) 464-7805

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