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What is a Death Doula?

Enjoying the Woods


A death doula coordinates and carries out tasks associated with wrapping up a life lived. This includes logistical needs like completing advanced health directives, driving to appointments, memorializing social media accounts, writing an obituary and planning a funeral. When a person comes to the doula with plenty of time, we can reflect back on life and impactful memories, as well as finalize creative projects, and maybe even plan a gift to leave behind.

Walk in the Park



A death midwife will follow through with your wishes when you are not able to voice them anymore. Ideally we have time to envision the atmosphere you desire for the final moments of breath, and we carry out a plan you craft that brings you the most comfort and ease. We ensure that your wishes for your physical remains are carried out with the sincere dignity that you deserve, and in alignment with your spiritual and environmental values.  

Assistant and Guide

An end of life doula assists a dying person, their caregiver and family in navigating and planning at the final stage of life.  We offer guidance about community resources and serve as a non-medical assistant through a process that is normal, natural, and as old as humanity. 


A death doula collaborates with hospices, family, community healing professionals, funeral homes, and any agency needed to best support the client.     

Assisting the Elder


A soul midwife meets you where you are. On a spiritual level, we support a dying person by just being present without expectations. As an outsider, we offer support that sometimes is complicated by the expectations and responsibilities of familial relationships. At the same time, we offer respite to caregivers who need down time and self-care during this stressful time.

Making Notes
Rock Maze

Spiritual Companion

A death doula holds space for the dying process. At Morning Light Spirit Journey, we offer guided meditations and visualizations, as well as energetic practices that are spiritually uplifting, such as Reiki. We perform ritual as requested by the family, and offer prayers, meditations or music according to your wishes.

What is the process?

The process is personal, it is unique for each individual. It is fluid and dependent upon where you are in your journey.  End of life doula services can include any of the following phases and more. We also serve as respite caregiver, compassionate assistant and spiritual counselor when the aging or disease process diminishes you or your loved ones' capacities for self care. 


Let's start with a brief conversation to determine your needs for yourself or your loved one.  After getting to know your situation and timeline, we can plan depending on your level of urgency.

Plan & review

We wouldn't go on a trip without leaving keys, codes, and instructions for our pets and plants, but since we don't really think we're going to die, we overlook the need to share important details of our lives with those we leave behind.


We invite a sacred space during the dying process, so that you are surrounded by what brings you the most comfort. 


This time is for checking in on those in mourning. After about a month, we regroup to make space for honoring the loss, reflecting on the death of your loved one, and observing the grieving process.

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